Mar 1, 2012 / 13 notes

Artwork by Los Angeles based artist, Ramiro Gomez. Gomez’s cardboard paintings are inspired by the people who make Beverly Hills, the Westside and Los Angeles beautiful and was quoted in the Huffington Post saying that his art is a reflection of the hard work of gardeners and housekeepers and “by miracle, You don’t get a perfect green lawn without the hard work of somebody else.”

What a time for this artwork to be released, just as Demian Bichir is nominated for an Academy Award for is role in “A Better Life” as Carlos Galindo, an undocumented gardener from Los Angles. 

People like Demian Bichir and Ramiro Gomez are giving a voice to the voiceless and are presenting a hidden face to the masses.

For more on Gomez’s art work visit his blog

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